The Master's Pupil Press Kit


Pat Naoum Games

Based in Sydney, Australia


Release Date

28 July 2023


Steam (Windows and Mac), Nintendo Switch


Social Media

Twitter: @patnaoumgames

Instagram: @patnaoumgames

TikTok: @patnaoumgames

Demo available via Discord


The Master’s Pupil is a hand-drawn puzzle-adventure game where you explore the eye and life of master artist Claude Monet. You’ll complete puzzles based upon physics, space, and color and assist one of the fathers of impressionism as he perseveres through personal hardship, loss, and health difficulties.


- Entirely hand painted with real paint and paper. 7 years in the making.

- Play through 12 beautifully hand-painted levels with spectacular visual design, a dynamic soundscape, and emotive music.

- Explore the life and works of Claude Monet - and gain an understanding of how his art evolved through his life.

- Complete a wide variety of levels that will challenge your brain on a physical and spatial level. Think like an artist as you mix colors to complete tasks - and don’t be surprised if you have to get physical when helping to complete Monet’s work.

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